On December 29th 1960, Anthony Gonzalez’s grandparents fled Cuba under threat of execution from the Castro regime.  

Upon arriving in the United States, his grandparents settled in Cincinnati where they taught Spanish at the College of Mount St. Joseph and enjoyed their new found freedoms while raising their family in their new home.  It was there that Anthony’s father and mother, Jenna — the daughter of a World War II veteran and a loving mother– first met.  After marrying in 1977, they ultimately settled in Northeast Ohio where they would raise 4 children with the values and traditions that would come to define their family. In 1984, only 24 years after arriving in this country, Ed Gonzalez decided to open his first steel plant in Brooklyn, Ohio. Through an immense amount of hard work, a talented and loyal workforce and an environment that allowed his business to thrive, Anthony’s father built a successful steel processing company right here in Northeast Ohio. The American dream his grandparents risked their lives for in immigrating to America had become a reality.

Anthony was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and attended St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland where he played football and track and was first team all-state under Hall of Fame coach, Chuck Kyle. After graduating in 2003, Anthony went on to attend The Ohio State University on a full football scholarship while playing wide receiver for the Buckeyes and Coach Jim Tressel. His contributions helped lead to two Big Ten championships as well as a perfect record against “That Team Up North”. Anthony’s remarkable collegiate career led him to becoming a first round draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 as well as an Academic All-American. He spent five seasons in the NFL before retiring to go back to school and earn his Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University. After studying the fundamentals of what make for a successful business and business environment, he worked as Chief Operating Officer at Chalk Schools, a high-growth, education technology company whose mission is to improve school district performance by alleviating the unnecessary red tape that plagues our public school system.

Throughout Anthony’s successful football and business career, he has always lived a life in deep gratitude and appreciation for Northeast Ohio and the values instilled in him from his loving family and the community he calls home. The grit, determination, and refusal to ever give up are the values he believes make Northeast Ohio so amazing and why this is the community in which he and his wife Elizabeth want to raise their future children.  Anthony believes that these values need to be represented honestly and passionately in Washington, D.C.

Northeast Ohio has given so much to him and his family, and now it is time to serve.

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