Government doesn’t create jobs, people create jobs. Roughly 60% of the net new jobs that are created in the economy are created by small businesses and we must do everything within our power to support these small businesses. That means reducing corporate taxes and dismantling harmful regulations, and actually repealing and replacing Obamacare with market driven solutions. I know how hard it is to build a business from the ground up. The reality is that every time the government raises taxes, or passes another regulation it drives up costs and reduces the growth rate of the business. That means less money to invest in your workforce and new employees. Every ambitious entrepreneur has one main goal – grow their business. To do that, our businesses need to be successful such that they can invest in additional job opportunities. The quickest way to slow down job creation is to saddle small businesses with high taxes and excessive regulation.

Additionally, we need an education system that trains our students for productive employment upon graduation. That means providing more choice and flexibility to our parents as they seek the best education options for their children. These free market principles will have the same effect that competition in other areas of the economy does – higher quality at lower cost. Additionally, we must reduce the egregious cost of higher education that is forcing many of our young people to begin their careers with unsustainable student loan debt.

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