The immigration system in our country is broken. For too long we have ignored the laws of our land and allowed people to take advantage of our relaxed immigration policy. My father’s family risked their lives to come to this country to pursue the American dream. They immigrated here legally, followed the rules and obeyed the laws of our land – much like many other American families. I believe this is the greatest country in the world, but if we do not follow the rules of law as they exist on the books, we risk becoming an unruly society.  The first step is to secure our borders.  While many talk about it, we actually have to do something about it.  I support a multi-faceted approach to secure our borders and stop the tide of illegal border crossings. Alongside of this, we also need to define a system for legal immigration that prioritizes letting those into this country who will share our values, obey our laws, and help us grow our economy.

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